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Established in 1969, the KwaZulu-Natal Cerebral Palsy Association is a registered welfare organisation which strives to enhance the welfare and functional independence of people with Cerebral Palsy.



Do you know someone with a Cerebral Palsied child?

When you meet parents of a child with cerebral palsy, try and see past the façade that everything is fine. Draw them out and let them talk about their difficulties.

Unless they ask for it, try not to offer advice. Do offer to give them a break away from their child, so they can have time with their other children.

Do not say, "Shame" or pray for the child to be healed. Rather pray for the family to have strength to cope. We all Donateneed to learn to accept the child with Cerebral Palsy as one of us.

Lack of support and fear of the unknown are the major challenges facing parents when they discover their baby has Cerebral Palsy.

While there are some wonderful Schools, such as Browns’ and Reunion, and some wonderful Centres such as CREST and CWAC, it is a very lonely road that parents must travel. Without facilities provided by organisations such as ours, it would be an impossible one.

That's why your support is so important – during Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week and all through the year.

Your generosity will help ensure that we can keep on supporting parents ... offering information, options, encouragement and understanding – and providing safe places where children with Cerebral Palsy can be cared for, and encouraged to reach their full potential.

So please will you make your donation now in honour of Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week?

Then click here to find more tips for parents of Cerebral Palsied children.

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image Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week
From 25-31 August‚ we focus attention on families of young children with Cerebral Palsy.

[posted 22 August 2014]
image Diary Dates
Coming soon - the Browns’ School fete and the annual Pevensey Place fete

[posted 11 July 2014]
image Pevensey cricket team tops!
The annual ‘Jocks and Crocks’ Cricket match took place at Pevensey Place recently

[posted 11 July 2014]
image Beautiful fun!
The girls at CREST and CWAC were recently spoilt with a Pamper Party

[posted 11 July 2014]
image Almost ready!
New classrooms at Reunion School are almost ready for occupation and the children are very excited.

[posted 27 May 2014]

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